Rooms for international students

Getting a rental apartment in Göteborg often takes many years. The best alternative when you first arrive is to stay as a lodger.

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Finding accommodation in Göteborg

Rooms / We have a special section with ads for rooms intended for international students. The rooms are advertised by private landlords, and you apply to them directly through the website. You need to register at but you do not have to pay the fee. You find the rooms using the regular search tool, selecting "Rooms" under "Search ads".

Regular apartments / If you are staying for more than a year, you will want to register and pay the fee and apply for regular apartments as well.

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How to avoid accommodation fraud

Visiting a new country as an international student can be an exciting experience. But to find accommodation in Gothenburg is often hard. Unfortunately scammers try to take advantage of the often stressful situation at the beginning of each semester. 

Only reply to people who actually advertise on

Some students have been contacted by unknown individuals who claim to have received the student’s contact information from someone advertising on, who’s room has already been let. They claim to have another room that might be of interest to the person contacted. Be vigilant; these may very well be a fraud. 

Guide to avoid fraud from the Swedish police

  1. Form a picture of the situation, not the person. 

  2. Check with the property owner that the person is the occupier of the flat. 

  3. Require identification of the landlord and a tenancy agreement. 

  4. Never pay deposit or rent in advance before you have visited the accommodation and a contract is signed. 

  5. Be wary if the landlord is abroad or can not meet you.

  6. Do not pay money via anonymous payment services. 

  7. Bring a friend or family member when you visit the accommodation. Four eyes can easier see through a fraud. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is usually so. 

  8. If you have been the victim of a fraud, it is important that you report this to the police.

Travel guides

Bus / tram travel guide   (Swedish)

Bicycle planner  (Swedish)

Travel time map (pdf)   / Here you find approximate travel times to Chalmers Lindholmen, Chalmers and Göteborgs universitet, Vasaplatsen. By bus or tram as wells as by bike.