Your profile

Your profile tells the landlord who you are as a tenant. To be able to register interest for an apartment the information in your profile must match the terms the landlord has set for the apartment. 


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Verify email address / Verify mobile phone / Messages / Area / Estimated annual income / Main source of income

 Verify email address

  1. Click the link in the email you have received

  2. Fill in the password you use to log in to Boplats and click verify.


Verify mobile phone

  1. When you add a mobile phone a text message with a code is sent to your phone.

  2. Click Verify mobil phone and fill in the code that was sent to your phone.



Under contact you can choose how to receive your messages. 

Please note that your email address and your mobile phone must be verified for you to receive messages. Reminders are always sent to your mobile phone if verified.


You can choose 6 areas that you especially want to live in and your upper limit for rent under My Profile. Some landlords use this information in the terms for the apartment ad. When you press Save your areas will be looked for changes for a week. 
  1. Choose a city in the drop down menu.

  2. Ad an area from the second menu.

  3. Click "add".

  4. Start again from 1. You can add up to six areas.

  5. Click Save. Your selection is now locked for seven days. 


Estimated annual income before tax

When you fill in your estimated annual income before tax you look at what income you have at present and calculate it for the coming year, like this:

Income from work and other taxable income 

Multiply your monthly salary before tax by 12. 

Income that is non-taxable

Some income, like student loans, may be non-taxable. To be able to compare it with a taxable income you should multiply it by 1.5. You then multiply by 12 to get the annual income.  

Both taxable and non-taxable

Calculate them separately, as per above, and add the sums together.  

If you have a co-applicant

If you have a co-applicant you fill in your incomes separately; the system will add your incomes automatically.   








Business and retired 



Lena has a monthly salary of 22.000 before tax.


Bosse is a student with student loans of 9.024 SEK/month.


Ebba is a small business owner with an income if 430.000 a year.

She also has income from capital; 24.000 SEK annually before tax.



22.000 SEK x 12 = 264.000 SEK


9.024 SEK x 1,5 x 12 = 162.432 SEK


430.000 SEK + 24.000 SEK = 454.000 SEK

Extra income




Bosse work extra making 4.000 SEK a month before tax.







4.000 SEK x 12 = 48.000 SEK









Co-applicant Ulf, has retirement funds of 12.560 SEK a month before tax.







12.560 SEK x 12 = 150.720 SEK

Extra income






Ulf also has income from stock 36.000 SEK annually before tax.





162.432 SEK + 48.000 SEK = 210.432 SEK


150.720 SEK + 36.000 SEK = 186.720 SEK



264.000 SEK


210.432 SEK


 186.720 SEK

Sum with co-applicant, automatically by the system






454.000 SEK + 186.720 SEK = 640.720 SEK

Estimated annual income before tax


Lena: 264.000 SEK


Bosse: 210.432 SEK


Ebba: 454.000 SEK
Ulf: 186.720 

Main source of income

Here you can see what kind of income is taxable.


Non taxable





Capital (interest, dividends)

Student loan







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