How long time will it take

How long time you have to wait depends on what kind of apartmeny you are looking for, and in which area. But be aware that it will probably take many years.


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There are a few some ways in which you can find out what your chances are.

When logged in you can see your place in the ranking for apartments ranked by Days at Boplats. This number changes as more people register interest.

When the ad is taken down, after the last date to apply, you find the ad under My pages/Register interest.

After the contract has been signed for an apartment you registered interest in you can see how many Days at Boplats the person who signed the contract had at My pages/Register interest. Compare this to how many days you have.

You find statistics of previous years here. On the page you see the average number of days people had when they signed contracts previous years. This does not mean that the average will be the same this year. If few apartments are advertised, and demand is still great, it may be that you are not getting closer even though you have waited another year.