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Total number of adults who are to stay in the apartment.


All children of all ages who are going to live in the apartment.


You can register interest in an apartment together with someone who is also going to live with you. Fill in that person's personal number in your Profile. The Landlord can check your co-applicants credit rating. The income of you and your co-applicant is automatically added up.

contract assigned 

Status in the rental process: The landlord has given the contract to one of the applicants.

Contract given    
Status in the rental process: The apartment has been let.

credit rating 

The landlord usually checks your credit rating to see if you have unpaid debts or bad credit history.

Queue time at Boplats 

Queue time you collect as paying member at Counted from the first day that you pay your administrative fee. Used by many landlords to rank the applicants. Is reset to zero when you sign a contract through boplats, or if you do not pay your annual fee in time. 

estimated annual income before tax 

The income you estimate you will have in the nearest future. The landlords wish to know what your income will be for the next year ahead. You sum up all your sources of income.


To exchange a rental apartment with a first hand contract with another rental apartment with a first hand contract. You need your landlord's permission for this.


Number of persons (children and adults) who will be staying in the apartment. Your children are counted as children regardless of their age.

housing cooperative 

Rental apartment where a cooperative acts as landlord.

 in progress  
Status in the rental process: No longer possible to register interest. The landlord has started working with the rental process.


person or company letting a living space. Could be, but is not necessarily, the owner of the real estate

main source of income 

Main source of income for your Estimated Annual Income. If you have several sources, choose the one contributing the largest share.

main source of income, Business 

Your main source of income is from a business you own.

main source of income, Salary 

Your main source of income is salary from some form of employment.


Person registered at

No, answer 

Answering No after a viewing. If you have 6 or more No answers in six months the landlord may disqualify you from an application.

no tenure 

Firsthand contract where there is no security of tenure. Read more at Hyresnämnden.


If you only wish to live in certain areas, you can enter these areas under Preferences in My Profile. Some landlords use this information. If you're not familiar with the city areas, please select "No specific preferences". You can also specify an Upper limit for how much rent you can pay.


The method used to rank the members who have registered interest for an apartment.

register interest 

When you register interest you tell the landlord that you want to go to a showing of the apartment. You must fulfill the terms set by the landlord to register interest. The landlords always pick the ones who can go to the viewing - how this is done is specified in the ad.


Sublet rooms by private persons. You apply by writing a notice to the person directly by clicking "Register Interest" in the ad.

senior apartments  

Apartments fitted to be suitable for senior citizens. Usually an age limit to apply; either 55 or 70 years old. (seniorlägenhet 55+, trygghetsbostäder 70+)


Number of stairs to the apartments front door. "-1" means below ground floor. "0" means ground floor.


Someone conducting studies as their main occupation. The terms of the apartment may differ depending on kinds of schools or levels.


You rent part of, or entire, living space from a private person with a rental contract of their own.

Swedish national register 

City you are registered in in Sweden. You are registered in the place where you have your main occupation.


The landlords terms that you must fulfill to be able to register interest for the apartment.


Invitation to view the apartment before you agree, or not, to sign the contract if it is given to you.

viewing in progress 

Status in the rental process: The landlord has started sending out invitations to view the apartment. 

viewing finished 

Status in the rental process: The viewing of the apartment is finished. The landlord is working on giving the contract to one of the applicants who has said 'Yes'. 


Status in the rental process: The apartment has been withdrawn from the market. It is no longer being rented. You will receive a message with the reason for it being withdrawn.

yes, answer 

Answering Yes after a viewing. You agree to sign the contract if it is given to you.