About Boplats

Boplats is a marketplace for all who looking for a place to stay in the region of Göteborg. Our directives include sharing information about the housing market to applicants and other parties involved. 

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The city has decided that there is an annual fee of 100 SEK to use boplats.se and that the website should be transparent. This means that it should be made clear by the landlord who can rent their apartments, and how they rank the applicants, if they use a ranking system. At boplats.se you will find rental apartments advertised by landlords in the region. Once registred you are able to apply for apartments through the website. You will find apartments owned by the city of Göteborg (Allmännyttan) as well as apartments from many private landlords. There are apartments for students, senior citizens and for other target groups. You also find apartments from many of the municipalities around Göteborg.

You will also find subletting and rooms on our website. You apply for these by contacting the person placing the ad directly. If you have a dwelling space you wish to let, you can use boplats.se to place an ad. 

At our custmer service office in Rosenlund you will find a number of computers on which you can use boplats.se.  You can also get help using the computer, if you are not able to do so yourself.Customer service in Rosenlund 


We regularly arrange fairs and seminars, and meetings for target groups such as seniors, students etc. Our goal is to bring tennants and landlords together, through our website and through meetings in person.

Board of directors

Christian Larsson (v), Göteborgs Stad

Vice chairman
Rikard Ljunggren, Fastighetsägarna Göteborg Första Regionen
Anders Söderman, Bostads AB Poseidon

Board members
Susanna Cassberg (m), Göteborgs Stad
Kicki Björklund, Göteborgs stads bostads AB (Bostadsbolaget)
Agneta Kores, Fastighetsägarna Göteborg Första Regionen
Oscar Amlöv, Fastighetsägarna Göteborg Första Regionen

Ulf Gärdhagen, Fastighetsägarna Göteborg Första Regionen
Håkan Bernhardsson (s), Göteborgs Stad
Per-Henrik Hartmann, Familjebostäder i Göteborg



Elected auditor
Monica von Martens (MP) och Bo Forsäng (M)
Elected deputy auditor
Stefan Dahlén (SD)


Maria Meyer-Martins / 031 - 100 251 
Maria Yhlen Jordan / 031 - 100 255 
Mats Ekblad  / 031 -100 254
Hiba Hamza / 031 - 100 256 


Göteborgs Stadshus AB

40 %

Fastighetsägarna Göteborg Första Regionen, ek.för.

30 %

Bostads AB Poseidon

10 %

Göteborgs Stads Bostadsbolag AB

10 %

Familjebostäder i Göteborg AB

10 %