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| Nyheter 2019-09-01 |

From September 1 2019 Boplats functions as a municipal agency for rental apartments (Kommunal bostadsförmedling). This means that all rental apartments on will be mediated by queue time. 

Last year Göteborgs Stad decided that Boplats should be a Bostadsförmedling, fully owned by the city, financed by fees from the applicants. 

Members on are not required do anything in particular. 

From now on you will now be able to see your place in the queue for all apartments where you register interest. You will also be able to see the queue time of the person who signed the contract for each apartment where you register interest.

We have updated our user agreement and the information about personal data according to these changes. One difference you may notice is that the field "about me" in "My Profile" now has been removed. This information has no function as all landlords now rank applications by queue time.

Also, we have published a new text with regulations about how the mediation of apartments now works.
Boplats will now be responsible for the whole rental process. This means that we will be able to give you better and quicker service. However, Boplats directives does not include giving individual priority or doing means testing. It is still the landlords that set the terms for each apartment.

Boplats directives from Göteborgs Stad is to ensure equal treatment and non-discrimination, that all terms for an apartment can be found in the ad, and that if you are not eligible for an apartment you will get information on the reasons why. 

Boplats will still mediate all the apartments owned by the housing companies in Göteborgs Stad, but also apartments from private landlords and landlords from other municipalities within commuting distance of Göteborg.