Technical problems

Here is a guide to some of the technical  problems you may experience with the new website.

Browser / Problems logging in / Paying using card / No email


Our website work best with Google Chrome or Safari. You can also use new versions of Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer from version 9.  We recommend that you update to the latest browser for the best experience. You can check wich browser you have on this site site. There you also find alternatives to download a new one. 

Problems logging in?

If you can not log in it might be that your browser is set not to accept cookies. Specify that it should accept cookies for and you should be able to log in.

Instructions cookies: Chrome / Safari / Firefox / Internet Explorer 

Changed password recently: If you have changed your password after May 23 2014, please note that it is your old password you should use on the new website.

Forgotten password: Use the function "Forgot password?" that you find when you click "Log in" An email is sent to you. Follow the instructions.

Pay using card

When you press "Pay by card" a new window is opened. For this to work your browser must allow "pop-up windows".

Instructions pop-upGoggle Chrome / Safari / Firefox / Internet Explorer 9 (win7)

No email from us?

Add as ”safe senders" by following these steps depending on what epost client you are using. (,,

  1. Click options icon alternativ.jpg and Options.

  2. Click Safe and blocked senders under Preventing junk email and click Safe senders.

  3. Follow the instructions. Add to the list.

  4. Click the outlook logo, top left corner, to go back to the inbox.

  1. Click options icon alternativ.jpg and Settings.

  2. Click Filters 

  3. Specify Filter Name:

  4. Specify rule Sender Contains

  5. Choose Inbox in the list ”Then deliver the email to the following folder”

  6. Click Save to close Filter window.

  7. Click Save to close Settings window.

  1. Click options icon alternativ.jpg and Settings.

  2. Click Filters 

  3. Click to Create a new filter

  4. Specify in From

  5. Click Create filter with this search

  6. Check Never send it to Spam

  7. Click Create filter to close Filter window.

  8. Click Inbox to get back to the inbox.