Rooms for international students

Getting a rental apartment in Göteborg often takes many years. The best alternative when you first arrive is to stay as a lodger.

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Finding accommodation in Göteborg


We have a special section with ads for rooms intended for international students. The rooms are advertised by private landlords, and you apply to them directly through the website.
You need to register at but you do not have to pay the fee. You find the rooms using the regular search tool, selecting "Rooms" under "Search ads".

Regular apartments

If you are staying for more than a year, you will want to register and pay the fee and apply for regular apartments as well.

Learn more in in this film. (Youtube) 


Filming: Elmeri Kauko

Editing: Olartia Redondo

Narrator: Charlotte A. Shahlaei

Song: Josh Woodward, Invisible Light

Housing coordinators

During the summer our housing coordinators work to assist international students in their search for a room. Before the fall semester we arrange mingle meetings for landlords and students. 

How to avoid accommodation fraud

Visiting a new country as an international student can be an exciting experience. But to find accommodation in Gothenburg is often hard. Unfortunately scammers try to take advantage of the often stressful situation at the beginning of each semester.  Read the police's advice on how to avoid being scammed.

Travel time map

Here you find approximate travel times to Chalmers Lindholmen, Chalmers and Göteborgs universitet, Vasaplatsen. By buss or tram as wells as by bike.


Travel guides

Bus / tram travel guide (Swedish)

Bicycle planner (Swedish)