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Right now, many landlords choose not to offer regular viewings with visits to the apartment, due to current restrictions regarding the coronavirus. 

You may be offered a virtual viewing instead. A virtual viewing means that you will make your decision based on the information in the ad, blue print and any pictures of the apartment.

Virtual viewing means that you get to view photos (or film) from the apartment instead of visiting it, and that there will be no regular viewing with visits to the apartment.

Regular viewings How does a virtual viewing work? / Don't share the materialTips when you have been offered a virtual viewing

Viewing with visit to the apartment

When you're one of the applicants with the most queue days at Boplats, you might be invited to a viewing. You will then get a message to My pages with all the information you need.

Due to the current restrictions and risk for infection with the coronavirus, we need to keep the number of visitors down. Therefore, you can't bring family members or friends along to the viewing. To avoid crowding, we ask that you wait outside for your turn to view the apartment, and that you limit your visit to the apartment to max 10 minutes.

Please also keep this in mind when you're going to a viewing:


  • If you experience any signs of illness - stay at home and don't go to the viewing.
  • If you're sick you can send a family member or friend to the viewing in your place.
  • Maintain a safety distance of at least 1,5 meters to other people at all times - inside as well as outside the apartment.
  • Wash your hands, use handsanitizer and/or use gloves.
  • No handshakes. Greet people with a cheerful wave instead!
  • Try to avoid touching surfaces inside the apartment.
  • If you need to cough or sneeze - do so in your arm fold

How to view photos of the apartment 

  1. When you have received an e-mail that you have been invited to a viewing, you must log in to and go to My Pages / Messages.

  2. If there are photos of the apartment, you will see a link and a four-digit password code in your viewing invitation. 

  3. Click on the link in the message.

  4. At the link destination - enter the four-digit password code that was in the message and click on "Öppna virtuell visning".

  5. Now you can see the pictures of the apartment (or video from the apartment) in the new window that opens.

  6. As usual, you must answer Yes or No to the apartment on My Pages / Registered interest after the viewing.

You are not allowed to share the material

You are not allowed to share any photos/film of the apartment with anyone else. It is illegal under the Swedish Data protection regulations (dataskyddsförordningen) to show or share photos / film containing personal data without permission.

Please keep in mind that:

  • it is forbidden to show photos/film to people other than those who will be staying in the apartment or who will help you to take part in the viewing.
  • it is forbidden to share photos/film with other people or giving other people access to photos/film.
  • it is forbidden to save or make copies of photos/film, even for personal use.

Tips when you have been offered a viewing

Here you will find tips and advice for when you have been called to a virtual viewing.  

  • Visit the area where the apartment is located and have a look at the building on the outside before you make your decision. If you are unable to get to the area physically, you can visit the area virtually through Google's map service. Enter the address and switch to Street View to take a virtual walk. By visiting, you can also see what services are available nearby – such as bus stop, grocery store, pharmacy, or restaurants.

  • Check if there are groups on social media for the area that you can join. Think about what is important for you to know and write a post to ask about the area.

  • Do you have children and want to know if there are preschools or schools nearby? Search the municipality's website to see if there are schools or preschools nearby.

  • Search the public transport website or app to find out what bus or tram lines are available and what the travel times are. Are you going to commute? Search for the trip on SJ's website to find out what options there are for commuting.

  • Ask the landlord about the apartment. Do you have further questions about the apartment? If you have recieved a viewing invitation, you can contact the landlord to ask them about the apartment. The contact information to the landlord is usually displayed in the bottom of the apartment ad. Contact Boplats customer service if you need help contacting the landlord. It is not always possible to obtain more pictures or more information. Please read each ad carefully in advance to see if any pictures of the apartment are available.
    Please take note that the landlord can in most cases only answer those who have recieved a viewing invitation. If you have not been invited for a viewing yet, you may have to wait with your questions.

  • Use the blue print to plan your furbishment. Print out the blue print and sketch out your furniture by hand. Use a pencil so you can erase and make changes. You can also cut out furniture in paper that you can place on the blue print to plan for furnishing.