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Paying the annual fee

Fee: The annual fee is 200 kr starting from juli 1 2019. 

Payment period: Your payment period starts on the date your first payment was registered with Boplats and lasts for one year. You can see the date on your receipt and in the dashbord, top left, of My pages. You alwas pay on the same date each year.

Queue time deleted:  Your queue time will be deleted 90 days after your payment period has expired. Once deleted your queue time can not be returned to you. You have to start over from zero if you want to continue collecting queue time.

Next payment: You can pay your next annual fee 30 days before your payment is due, the day the payment period expires. Each payment has a unique OCR-number. You CAN NOT re-use an old OCR-number to pay again. 

Reminders: Make sure your email address and mobile phone numbers are verified to get reminders about payment. Boplats is not responsible for the delivery of these reminders. It is your responsibility to remember to pay your fee.

This is how to pay your fee: Log in by clicking SIGN IN at the top of the page. Pay directly by card or by Swish, or pay through your bank using the information in your payment notice found at My pages

The quickest way is to pay by using your bank card or by Swish. Press the button "Pay now". A window opens and you can fill in the information on your card, or your mobile number for Swish, and pay the fee directly.

If you want to pay through your bank press the button Show payment slip. On the payment slip you find all the information you need. Please note that it may take up to five days for your bank payment to register with us. Your Days at Boplats will be erased 90 days after your payment period has expired.