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Before you can start using you need to register. On this page you find all the things you need to know about registration.

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Sign up

Follow these steps to create an account at


1. Go to Sign up at the top of the page.

You can switch the site to English at the top of the page. 

2. Submit your first name and your  last name. 

3. Submit your Swedish personal number or samordningsnummer in the format yyyymmdd-xxxx

If you do not yet have a swedish personal number, do this instead: check the box "I do not have a Swedish personal number (personnummer)" and submit your date of birth in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

(When you recieve your Swedish personal numer, you need to Contact our customer service and we'll help you to add the persoanl number to your boplats-account).

4. Submit your e-mail address. Each e-mail address can only be used for one user account at You cant use the same e-mail address as somebody else on 

5. Choose a password for your account at Your password must be at least ten characters long, and may contain upper- or lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols. The password cant be too simple - easy and commonly used passwords such as "0123456789" or "password123" are not approved. 

6. Check the box "I accept the terms of use at and I am aware of how my personal data will be processed." and click "Sign up" at the bottom of the page.

7. Now, click the button "Sign in" and log in with your e-mailaddress (or personal number), and your password. Go to My Pages / Payments to pay the fee and start collecting Days at Boplats. We recommend that you alsp go to My Pages / Contact and make sure to submit and verify your mobile number and e-mail address.1. Sign up here.

Required infomation is: Name / Personalnumber or Email address (if you have no Swedish personal number)


To be able to apply for rental apartments the following information is required:

Contact: Swedish personal number or samordningsnummer / Street address / Zip codeCity / Mobile phone or Alternative daytime number (Phone number is needed so that the landlord can reach the applicant quickly.) 

My profile: In which city are you registered / Your main occupation / Your annual income before taxes

17 years old 

You can sign yourself up in the housing queue from the day you turn 17. You collect queue days at Boplats, but do not have to pay until you turn 18. Also, you cannot register interest for apartments until you are 18 years old. If you are younger than 17 years old you cannot sign up for the housing queue.

Non Swedish citizens 

If you haven't got a Swedish personal number you can sign up using your birth date and your e-mail address to start collecting days at Boplats. But, you should get a Swedish personal number as soon as possible. This is done through the Swedish tax authorities. Without a personal number or samordningsnummer you will not be able to apply for apartments.

When you have received your Swedish personal number you must contact our customer service and we will add the Swedish personal number / samordningsnummer to your boplats-account for you. You can send us an e-mail with  identification and papers from the tax authorities showing your new personal number attached. 


Co-applicant is a person who is going to live with the person who register interest for an apartment.  The co-applicants income is automatically added to the other person's income in the system, and the landlord can do credit checks on the co-applicant as well. You have to be registered at Boplats  to be a co-applicant.

When a member is added as co-applicant, an email is sent to the person in which they verify the registration. You can also verify it under messages on my pages. You can only be co-applicant to one other member. Co-applicants days at Boplats is never reset when they get a contract as a co-applicant. You can register interest for an apartment that a member who has you as co-applicant has already registered interest for. 

  • Required information for co-applicants: First name / Last name / Personal number or phone number

  • Other information for co-applicants: Main source of income Estimated annual income before tax

False information

If you give false information your membership can become dormant until it has been corrected. At systematic giving of false information a member may be set to dormant for 12 months during which they cannot register interest for apartments.

Protected identity

If you have protected identity you register by signing up as having no Swedish personal number. Enter date of birth and email. You will then have to visit us in person with papers form the tax authorities showing that you have a protected identity and some form of identification. Email: to book a visit. Our personal can flag this member as having a protected identity in the system. Persons with protected identity is not given any priority. 


Paying the annual fee

Fee: The annual fee is 200 kr starting from juli 1 2019. 

Payment period: Your payment period starts on the date your first payment was registered with Boplats and lasts for one year. You can see the date on your receipt and in the dashbord, top left, of My pages. You alwas pay on the same date each year.

Queue time deleted:  Your queue time will be deleted 90 days after your payment period has expired. Once deleted your queue time can not be returned to you. You have to start over from zero if you want to continue collecting queue time.

Next payment: You can pay your next annual fee 30 days before your payment is due, the day the payment period expires. Each payment has a unique OCR-number. You CAN NOT re-use an old OCR-number to pay again. 

Reminders: Make sure your email address and mobile phone numbers are verified to get reminders about payment. Boplats is not responsible for the delivery of these reminders. It is your responsibility to remember to pay your fee.

This is how to pay your fee: Log in by clicking SIGN IN at the top of the page. Pay directly by card or by Swish, or pay through your bank using the information in your payment notice found at My pages

The quickest way is to pay by using your bank card or by Swish. Press the button "Pay now". A window opens and you can fill in the information on your card, or your mobile number for Swish, and pay the fee directly.

If you want to pay through your bank press the button Show payment slip. On the payment slip you find all the information you need. Please note that it may take up to five days for your bank payment to register with us. Your Days at Boplats will be erased 90 days after your payment period has expired.

Delete user account

Go to My pages / Accont & password to delete your account.

  • If you have active applications you must undo your registered intrerest before your account can be deleted. If the ad for the apartment is no longer published, you have to contact Boplats to have your application removed.  
  • If you have a published ad for a room you must first remove the ad before you can delete your account.   

 When you delete your account, all information about you will be erased, and your Days with Boplats will be lost. You cannot retrieve these days if you create a new account. Your annual fee is not refundable. If you applied for e-invoice you will have to contact your bank in order to make them stop coming. They do not stop automatically when deleting your account at Boplats.