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The landlords publish the ads on boplats and decides who gets the apartments. This is what happens after you have registered interest. 

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Register interest

The landlords publishes all the ads on In the ads you find all the information about the apartments. Read the ad carefully before you apply.

In the ad you can see how many have registered interest and what place you have in the queue for that apartment. You can undo you registration of interest until the ad is taken down. You are limited to registering interest for five published apartments at the time. 

Rental process

You can follow what is happening with the apartment at My pages / Registered interestStatus describes what phase it is in at the moment.

Published: Still published. Open for more applicants to register interest.

In progress: It is no longer possible to register interest. The landlord has started working with the rental process. 

Viewing in progress: The landlord has started sending out invitations to view the apartment.

Viewing finished: The viewing of the apartment is finished. The landlord is working on giving the contract to the applicant who has said 'Yes' and has the longest queue-time.

Contract assigned: The landlord has given the contract to the applicant who had the longest queue time.  


If you are invited to a viewing you will get a message on My pages / Messages. You can choose to get these messages to your e-mail or mobile phone at My pages / Contact. You will find all the information about the viewing you need in the message. 

Say yes / no: After viewing the apartment you must say yes or no to whether you will take the contract if it is given to you. You must reply before the last date. You reply at My pages / Registered interest. 

If you have replied "no" more than six times during six months you will temporarily not be able to apply for new apartment. Boplats may also disqualify your previous applications due to too many declined offers. You can change your reply up until last date to reply. After this the landlord will consider you to have said yes or now to signing the contract.

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In some cases the landlord has terms and conditions regarding the applicants income. If you have applied for such an apartment, you might need to upload documents/ certificates regarding your income. If so, it's stated in the viewing information. It is good if you prepare to submit documents and have them ready.

Type of income  Certificate to have ready
Working and employed

Your employment contract or employer's certificate.

Your three most recent salary statements


Payment plan/decision from the Pensions Authority.


Payment plan/decision from CSN

Admission notice or study certificate

Sickness benefit, parental benefit or other compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Certificate from Försäkringskassan (i.e. the insurance fund)


Profit and loss report, balance sheet, certificate from Bolagsverket (i.e. the Swedish Companies Registration Office).

Ev. certificate from an accountant proving what you take out in salary

This is how you upload documents:

Make your certificates digital and have them ready in your mobile, computer or tablet.

Log in to Go to My Pages / Documents.


Click the "Choose file" button and select the file you want to upload. Click the "Upload" button.


Your files can be in any of the formats .pdf, .jpg and .png. The size of your files can be a maximum of 15 mb.


The landlord will check your credit rating if you are up for a contract. The landlord can also check other references. If the contract is given to you, you will receive a message and the landlord will book a day for signing.


When you have signed a contract your Days at Boplats will start over from zero. (Exception for contracts without tenure.)

If the contract is given to someone else you can see this at My pages / Registered interest.

Contract given: The process has been finished. You can see how many days at boplats the person who signed the contract had.

Withdrawn: The apartment has been withdrawn from the market. It is no longer being rented. You will receive a message with the reason for it being withdrawn.